Forest Ride

Children up to 12 years old (max. 60 kg and 170 cm) can go on a pony with the cowboys for an adventurous forest ride through the park. During your stay you can register your children for this.

Beach Ride

Children up to 12 years old (max. 60 kg and 170 cm) can ride a pony with the cowboys for a dazzling beach ride around Sunset Beach. During your stay you can register your children for this.

Lucky Luke

Meet and greet Jolly Jumper & Lucky Luke, the cowboy who shoots faster than his shadow.

Sunset Beach

Experience a unique sun holiday on Sunset Beach, the large natural beach of PonyparkCity! Enjoy a snack and a drink at the Bounty Bar.

The Sunset

Admire the breathtaking sunset at Sunset Beach. Take the photo camera and take the most beautiful holiday photos!

Playmobil Village

Playmobil Village is an indoor play paradise with lots of Playmobil toys! Build a horse ranch or your own western town!

Rodeo Riding

Accept the challenge and sit on Bronco the wild west rodeo bull for as long as possible. Yeehaa!

Puppet theater

The Daltons have escaped! Help Lucky Luke and his horse Jolly Jumper catch the thieves again!


Watch the best Playmobil adventures on a big screen in the special children's cinema!

Lucky Town

Welcome to Lucky Town, an indoor western town with a Mexican restaurant and bowling.


Enjoy real western dishes from the Saloon or taste the Mexican cuisine from Viva Mexico.


There are several nice shops in the park with western items, souvenirs and toys!

Diamond Mine

Find all the different colored diamonds in the Diamond Mine!

Shooting Hall

Shoot different targets with a Wild West rifle. Get the high score!


Play mini golf together! There is a course with 18 different courses.


Meet tough cowboys and cowgirls on their cowboy horses and have your picture taken with them! Dance the rain dance around the large totem pole with the Indians and greet Chief Sitting Bull.


In the Blacksmith, a cowboy horse is given new horseshoes in the traditional way.

Meet Zorro

Meet & greet the masked hero Zorro with his famous horse Tornado.

Giant Stable

Come to the Giant Stable, the large pony stable where the many ponies stay in the evening.


There are several playgrounds in the park for lots of fun!

Animal Farm

Come and cuddle with goats and sheep at Old Mac Donald's Animal Farm.

Online Bingo

Play for free with the online bingo in your Cowboy House and win great prizes!

Magic For Kids

Fun children's programs with Billy The Kid, the thief who enchants everyone!


Bowling together in a Mexican atmosphere, that's possible in Viva Mexico! Who will win?